Austrian Elevation Service


The "Austrian Elevation Service" is a prototype of a free and open elevation service basing on a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with 10 Meter resolution. The service is basing on many textfiles with elevation data saved in EPSG: 3857. The big advantage of this very simple approach is that every programming language can read textfiles. A database or a WMTS/WMS is not required.

Test this service and get the elevation of Seegrube/Innsbruck or write another coordinate into the fields:

You can test this service with a Q-GIS 3-Plugin developed by Yasunori Kirimoto from Japan:

Q-GIS 3 Plugin "AustrianElevation"
Q-GIS 3 Plugin "AustrianElevation"

If you want to test this elevation service basing on many textfiles on your own server, try this free Filedump for the western most part of Austria. If you run this service, you have to mention data source ( and read this LICENCE carefully.

If you need the rest of Austria or an elevation service in other parts of the world, i offer services and support liable to pay. Please contact:

Filedump westernmost part of Austria
Data source of elevation data:
Copyright (c) 2017, Manfred Egger.
Easy Installation: Downlaod ZIP und unzip the textfiles in a folder on your server. After that your own elevation service is running.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 57.1 MB
Filedump westernmost part of Austria ( Data source: )
Filedump westernmost part of Austria ( Data source: )