Shapefile ProjectionFinder


Poster presentation (pdf)
Poster presentation (pdf)

SHAPEFILE PROJECTIONFINDER is an approach in context with gis data and unknown projections. The target group of this program are mainly user who wants to integrate gis data without great effort in their projects and have no spezialised knowledge about coordinate systems.

The program was showcased by FOSSGIS 2016 in Salzburg (Austria) and FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn (Germany).

You can see a video of the presentation in Salzburg and the following discussion in German HERE. With a click into the graphic (right) you get the FOSS4G poster presentation.


You can download a free version of this tool using registered EPSG-Codes of geotools 2.6.0. 

IMPORTANT: It is possible to generate WKT (Well-Known-Text) for .prj-files using OGC or ESRI definitions .

Shapefile ProjectionFinder (Version 1.0.0)
Windows 64 - bit
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 41.8 MB

Installation HELP.

Roberto Matellanes wrote a detailed Spanish description of Shapefile ProjectionFinder: