Austrian Elevation Service / WMTS4Elevation


The "Austrian Elevation Service" is a prototype of a free and open elevation service basing on a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with 10 Meter resolution. The service is basing on many textfiles with elevation data saved in EPSG: 3857. The big advantage of this very simple approach is that every programming language can read textfiles. A database or a WMTS/WMS is not required.

Test this service and get the elevation of Seegrube/Innsbruck or write another coordinate into the fields:

Try this prototype with this free Q-GIS 2 Plugin:

Q-GIS 2 Plugin
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Q-GIS 2 Plugin "AustrianElevation"
Q-GIS 2 Plugin "AustrianElevation"

In the year 2022 this prototype was standardized and optimized. Please look at the German website of the project "WMTS4Elevation": 


If you need more information in English or a sample QGIS-Project including a free WMTS Elevation Service, please contact: