The basic idea of "Free GIS-SERVICES":


"With less input data and without spezialized knowledge about Geographic Information Systems (GIS), unfamiliar routines will be easily executed."


The aim of this page and my company  is to make geoinformatic techniques and methodologies accesible to persons, working not everyday with GIS:

  • students
  • sole trader business
  • geologists, biologists, historians, office, ...
  • associations
  • schools
  • small communes
  • specialized departments of big organisations
  • developer, who need gis-functions for their it-project

Free test products for everyone are offered on this page. But if you need a special gis application for your organisation or company, please contact


Another aim of this website is to push forward gis open source development written in Java programming language.

Students, entrepreneurs or goverment organisations are invited to test existing open source solutions like OpenJump GIS or OrbisGIS and contribute as user or developer.


Favorite quote: Friedrich Hebbel (1862, German):

"Dies Österreich ist eine kleine Welt,
In der die große ihre Probe hält,
Und waltet erst bei uns das Gleichgewicht,
So wird's auch in der andern wieder licht".